Who we are

health complete GmbH

health complete is a company that is specialized in innovative, highly efficient and biodegradable cleaning products. We completely dispense with the use of harmful acids and bases and focus on gentle cleaning. Our biologically manufactured bee*pure® cleaning products are pH-neutral and completely compatible with materials, people and the environment.

Cleaning and odour removal have always been one of the basic needs of every human being. They serve for hygiene and the prevention of diseases and illnesses. Therefore, we at health complete rely on biological ingredients in our products. They are absolutely safe and harmless for materials, people and the environment without losing cleaning effictiveness.

Our bee*pure® cleaning range is highly effective and unique in its mode of action. Experience a long-lasting, pore-deep cleaning and eliminate unpleasant and harmful odours directly at the root.

Think more about your health and avoid aggressive cleaning agents. Your employees will thank you!

health complete has the potential to positively influence your life and to protect your health sustainably. Join us on the "green path" to a better future.

How we think

Our corporate philosophy

We are a leading company in the field of biotechnological cleaning agents.

Our aim is to fully satisfy the requirements of our customers by ensuring efficiency, consistent quality and high environmental awareness in all areas, and to inspire them with our innovative products.

We support our customers in carrying out their work more safely, ecologically and rationally. To create and maintain a better habitat.

Quality, health, safety and environmental awareness are our top priorities.

No effort is too great for us to promote and ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

Our success in the highly competitive marketplace is based on superior innovative technologies and the tireless efforts of our research team to optimize both workflows and products.

Our headquarters

Our logistics centre

Our delivery time and reliability meet the highest demands:
Up to 10 customer service employees achieve order fulfillment rates of over 80% for deliveries within 24 hours. 99% within 48 hours for orders received by 4pm.

Our service

Available for you

In our central location in the heart of Munich, we are happy to welcome you at any time. You will find us at Hildegardstr. 9 in Munich.

You can find a detailed route description with route planner on our website contact page.