bee*pure® Cleaner

Pro bee*pure®

Economic efficiency
  • One bee*pure® cleaning agent partially replaces more than 10 conventional cleaning agents
  • Very good results also with 1-step cleaning
  • Saving of storage costs
  • Saving of waste costs
  • Saving of transport costs
  • Saving of energy costs (cold water)
  • Reduction of ordering cycles
  • Reduction in personnel costs
  • Environmentally friendly packaging

Mode of action

Why biotechnology

Our proprietary surfactants are fully biodegradable and 10 to 100 times more effective than conventional petroleum-based surfactants.

In particular, the complete degradation of the surfactants, or in preventing and avoiding the build-up of a surfactant layer is one of the main advantages compared to conventional chemical cleaning agents.

The continuous, lasting cleaning effect of the microorganisms ensures a lasting improvement in hygiene and noticeable cleanliness.

Chemical products pollute materials, people, the environment and ultimately your wallet.

Biological products convince through innovative solutions and outstanding cleaning results without any negative impact on material, people and the environment.


It all depends on the right ingredients and the right mixture

Chemical surfactants only achieve only a short-term removal of dirt particles, fats and oils, for example, are at best dissolved (emulsion). But our fermentation extracts and the microorganisms used literally dissolve the corresponding hydrocarbon compounds in the air, thus providing the desired lasting cleanliness effect without annoying tenside layers or grease films.

Biodegradable surfactants

Surfactants change the surface tension through a hydrophilic and a hydrophobic part of the molecule and bring the cleaning agent into solution. They remove dirt from surfaces and spaces. The complete degradation of the surfactants is of great importance in order to avoid the build-up of an undesirable surfactant layer.

Fermentation extracts / enzymes

With the help of our fermentation extracts, an enzymatic conversion process of organic substances begins. The corresponding impurities are broken down and processed so that the microorganisms are better and faster able to dissolve them completely.

Microorganisms and enzymes

Only bacteria of the completely harmless class 1 are used in our products. These can also be found in bread, yoghurt and other everyday foods. These organisms are constant companions of our everyday life. Nevertheless, they achieve the highest effectiveness in our cleaning solution when it comes to the final dissolution and processing of organic compounds.



  • Protects surfaces and spaces
  • Pore-deep cleaning without formation of surfactant layers
  • Increase longevity
  • Surfaces become duller/grippier (especially production, kitchen etc.)
  • Partially even return to the original coloring
  • Significant reduction of basic cleaning
  • Increase in property value preservation


  • Unsurpassed skin compatibility, dermatologically tested
  • Excellently suited for allergy sufferers
  • Elimination of protective clothing (PSA)
  • Completely free of toxic or harmful components
  • Protecting your health
  • Cleaners are almost odourless
  • Completely free of acids and bases (pH 7)
  • Completely free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds)
  • No application risks
  • More safety
  • Simplest handling
  • Increased hygiene and cleanliness

The environment

  • Replace chemical ingredients (0 %)
  • Neutralize pH value (pH 7)
  • Reduce water toxicity (0 %)
  • Reduce systemic toxicity (0 %)