Surface Cleaner

TiTANO Surface Cleaner

Are there hygienically sensitive areas in your company that have to be permanently decontaminated?

TiTANO® provide for the highest standard of surface hygiene!
Our authorised staff applies both technologies for you by means of electrospray processes - on all kinds of surfaces (glass, wood, plastic, natural stone, steel).

The result is an even and invisible surface treatment that easily reaches even hard-to-reach areas (e.g. walls, ceilings, air conditioning systems, cold stores, etc.).

With TiTANO® we offer an ideal solution for:

  • Hygienically sensitive areas in the medical sector (medical practices, hospitals)
  • Food processing companies (bread, fish, meat, vegetables, etc.)
  • Public institutions (offices, kindergartens, schools)
  • Public transport (bus, train, plane, ship)
  • offices, fitness center, swimming pools

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TiTANO Surface Cleaner