About us

Who we are

health complete GmbH is specialized in innovative, highly efficient and biodegradable cleaning agents. We avoid the use of strongly concentrated acids and bases and focus on gentle cleaning. Our biotechnologically produced bee*pure® cleaning products are highly compatible with material, people and the environment. They ensure sustainability in your company.

Cleaning and odour elimination have always been among the basic needs of people. They serve hygiene and the prevention of diseases. We rely extensively on organic ingredients in our products, as they work safely and are harmless to those involved.

Our bee*pure® cleaning product range is highly effective and unique in its mode of action. Experience long-lasting, pore-deep cleaning and eliminate unpleasant odours directly at their root.

Protect your health and count on our progressive concept. Your employees will thank you for it.

Take a new and “green” path with us, towards a better future.

How we think

We would like to inspire you with our innovative and sustainable products. At the same time, we advise and support you on your requirements regarding cleaning and hygiene. We offer a safe, timesaving and individually adaptable concept which has proven itself on the market.

We support you in carrying out your work more safely, more efficiently and in an ecological manner. To create and maintain a better living space.

Quality products, health and environmental consciousness are our top priorities.

Our success is based on superior and innovative technologies and the optimization of working procedures.

Our logistics centre

Up to 10 customer service employees achieve order fulfilment rates of over 80% for deliveries within 24 hours. Nearly all deliveries in Germany arrive within 48 hours if orders are received by 12 noon.

Our services

We are based in the heart of Munich. You can reach us by telephone and e-mail from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:00.

We present

Dr. Andreas Lindner
Founder and CEO
Frank Müller
Head of Sales
Alice Röther
Office Management

Axel Faber
Account Manager

Manfred Röther
Technical Feald Service