bee*pure® trap system

bee*pure® trap system

Are you looking for a solution to the problems with your grease separator?

We have the optimal system for you!


Our bee*pure® trap system provides bacteria-based fat degradation within the fat separator. The bee*pure® Bio Trap introduced through the bee*pure® trap system metabolizes deposited fats without emulsifying and flushing them out.

Your advantages

  • bee*pure® trap system costs pay for themselves in less than 15 months
  • Minimal installation costs
  • Maintenance costs of the grease separator and lifting unit are reduced
  • Improvement of wastewater quality
  • Odors of the grease separator are reduced to a maximum
  • Lifting units are inlets are protected against fouling
  • Cleaning and emptying intervals are reduced to the technically necessary extent
  • Easy and safe maintenance

We solve these problems

  • High running costs and manual workload due to regular emptying and cleaning of the grease separator
  • High fresh water and waste water costs during cleaning operations
  • Damage to feed and drain lines as well as lifting units due to grease deposits
  • Strong odor problems in the grease separator room, adjavent rooms and during emptying

Technical details

  • System weight approx. 30 kg
  • Dimensions: 50x50x30 cm (without bee*pure® Bio Trap canister holder)
  • The bee*pure® trap system is individually scalable
  • It is completely remote controllable (error forwarding, system updates, etc.)
  • External canister with operating medium = high flexibility in placement
  • Visual danger and status communication (warning lights)
  • High quality system components
  • Manufacturing, programming, quality control completely in Germany

Even after installation, we remain active and take care of the operation of your bee*pure® trap system together with you.


Here you will find information on the return of old appliances.