Technology bee*pure® cleaner

Technology bee*pure® cleaner

Pro bee*pure®

  • Saving of storage costs
  • Saving of waste disposal costs
  • Saving of transport costs
  • Saving of energy costs (cold water)
  • Reduction of ordering cycles
  • One bee*pure® cleaning agent replaces several conventional cleaning agents
  • Very good results also with 1-Step-Cleaning
  • Low training requirements

Mode of action

Our professionally developed surfactants are highly biodegradable.

A main advantage compared to conventional chemical cleaning agents is, that our surfactants are almost completely degraded within a short time. Dirty edges are nothing other than surfactant layers that are bonded with dirt. Imagine that these dirty edges belong to the past. With our products you act in a sustainable manner and you ensure noticeable cleanliness.

The continuous, long-lasting cleaning effect of the microorganisms ensures a fundamental improvement in hygiene.

Many chemical products burden material, people, the environment and ultimately your wallet.

Biological products convince through innovative solutions and outstanding cleaning results.


Our fermentation extracts and the microorganisms used dissolve the corresponding carbon compounds. Thus, they ensure the desired effect of lasting cleanliness without leaving behind annoying dirt edges or greasy films.

Biodegradable surfactants

Surfactants change the surface tension through a hydrophilic and a hydrophobic molecular part. They help to remove dirt from surfaces and dirty spaces. The complete biodegradation of the surfactants is very important. Otherwise they will stick together with dirt particles and dry out. This leads to non-desirable surfactant layers.

Fermentation extracts / enzymes

With the help of our fermentation extracts, an enzymatic conversion process of organic substances begins. Dirt is getting decomposed and processed. Thereby biological microorganisms dissolve the soiling easier and faster.

Microorganisms and enzymes

We only use bacteria of the harmless class I in our products. These can also be found in bread, yoghurt and other everyday foods. These organisms are constant companions of our everyday life. In concentrated form, they achieve highest efficiency in our cleaning solutions by decomposing and processing organic compounds.



  • Protects surfaces and spaces
  • Pore deep cleaning without formation of dirt edges
  • Increase of the longevity
  • Surfaces become structured/non-slip (especially production, kitchen etc.)
  • Return to the original colour of the surface partially possible
  • Significant reduction of basic cleaning cycles
  • Improved value maintenance of properties


  • Greatest possible avoidance of toxic or harmful components
  • Selected cleaners remove unwelcome odours
  • Our bee*pure® cleaners are free of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds)
  • High safety in use
  • Easy handling
  • Suitable for use by allergy sufferers

The environment

  • Replace chemical ingredients
  • Neutralize pH-value
  • Reduce water toxicity
  • Reduce systemic toxicity