Technology bee*pure® cleaner

Technology bee*pure® cleaner

Discover the innovation: bee*pure® cleaner

Efficiency, sustainability and effectiveness are at the centre of bee*pure®. Our cleaning solutions not only offer impressive results, but also help to reduce costs, waste and environmental impact. Immerse yourself in a new era of cleaning technology and experience the future of cleanliness.

Why bee*pure®?

  • Saving storage costs: With bee*pure® you need less storage space for cleaning products, as one cleaning agent replaces several conventional products.
  • Saving on waste costs: Reduce your waste mountain by using less packaging materials and disposable containers.
  • Saving transport costs: By concentrating on fewer products, transport routes can be optimised and costs reduced.
  • Saving CO2 (cold water): Our environmentally friendly cleaners do not require hot temperatures, which reduces energy costs and CO2 emissions.
  • Reduction of order rhythms: With longer lasting and versatile cleaning products, you need to reorder less frequently.
  • One bee*pure® cleaning agent replaces several conventional cleaning agents: Simplify your cleaning processes and reduce effort.
  • Very good results even with 1-step cleaning: Achieve effective cleaning results with minimum effort.
  • Minimal training required: Our products are easy to use and require minimal training.

Mode of action

The professionally developed surfactants from bee*pure® are highly biodegradable and offer an effective cleaning action. Compared to conventional chemical cleaning agents, our surfactants break down quickly and almost completely, resulting in lasting cleanliness without residues.
The continuous cleaning effect of the microorganisms improves hygiene in the long term and reduces the impact on materials, people and the environment.



  • Replace chemical ingredients: Reduce the formation of surfactant layers and greasy films on surfaces.
  • Fermentation extracts / enzymes: Break down impurities and facilitate degradation by biological microorganisms.
  • Microorganisms and enzymes: Our products contain only harmless class I bacteria that effectively break down organic compounds.


  • Material: Our cleaners are gentle on surfaces and gaps, increase durability and reduce the need for basic cleaning.
  • People: We largely dispense with toxic or harmful ingredients and offer a high level of application safety, even for allergy sufferers.
  • Environment: By dispensing with chemical ingredients, neutralising the pH value and reducing water toxicity and systemic toxicity, we actively contribute to environmental protection.

Discover the impressive performance and multiple benefits of bee*pure® cleaners for a clean, sustainable future.