bee*pure® air system

bee*pure® air system

Let’s imagine that fat smells in your restaurant are a thing of the past.

Start now and save on costs for mechanical cleaning of your exhaust air ducts.


Our bee*pure® air system is a fully automatic and low-maintenance cleaning system for grease removal in the exhaust air duct. The bee*pure® air system can be installed in any professional extraction hood and extraction system. It is individually adjustable and can be subsequently adapted.

Your benefits

  • The exhaust hood remains permanently free of unappetizing fat deposits
  • Significant odour minimisation and reduction of fire hazard
  • No grease deposits in the area of the ventilation motor
  • Reduction of time and cost intensive manual cleaning
  • Ecological cleaning, pH-neutral and completely biodegradable
  • Energy-saving, no water consumption, no formation of ozone
  • No use of radiating or corrosive media (UV-C system)
  • Dismantling/elimination of space and cost-intensive activated carbon filtration
  • Easy and safe maintenance

How it works

Your ventilation system becomes a fully automatic, self-cleaning system thanks to built-in high-performance injection nozzles. The bee*pure® Bio Fluid essentially consists of fermentation extracts (enzymes) and microorganisms. It is introduced into the exhaust air system in the form of a microfine spray, it mixes with the thermal air flow of the kitchen exhaust air and distributes itself evenly. The bee*pure® Bio Fluid forms a wafer-thin and highly effective microbiological film on the inner wall of the hood and duct. Organic deposits are dissolved by bioconversion: fermentation extracts (enzymes) split molecular chains and microorganisms ensure the energetic conversion of the split products. The in the process resulting H2O and CO2 is removed by the exhaust air stream.

Technical details

  • System weight approx. 30 kg
  • Dimensions: 60x60x40 cm (without bee*pure® Bio Fluid canister holder)
  • Each sector/spray area can be controlled and programmed separately
  • The bee*pure® air system is individually scalable
  • It can be completely remote controlled (of error messages forwarding, system updates, etc.)
  • Automatic switch-off device in case of danger (protection of the compressor, fluid pump and from dry run)
  • Canister with operating fluid externally mounted = high flexibility in placement
  • Double visual hazard and status communication (display and warning light)
  • Acoustic warning signal is optionally available
  • High quality system components
  • Manufacturing, programming, quality control takes place in Germany

Even after installation, we remain active and, take care of the operation of your bee*pure® air system together with you.

WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 52037806

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