A vision for a sustainable future

Cleaning agents may only account for 5% of cleaning costs, but the remaining 95% is accounted for by labour and cleaning accessories. For our company, however, the vision is clear: we want to significantly reduce the environmental impact of every business without compromising comfort or increasing costs.

While travelling in Asia and South America, our founder realised the difference it makes when local communities can only achieve a fraction of the hygiene standards of the West. After extensive research and development, we are pleased to say that our products represent a significant step towards solving these problems. We are taking responsibility for our environment and our future generations and ask you to do the same. The small steps each of us takes will ultimately shape our future.

Our innovative and sustainable products will inspire you. We offer you not only solutions for your cleaning and hygiene requirements, but also advice and support. Our concept is safe, time-saving and customisable, and it has already proven itself on the market. We help you to make your working environment safer, more environmentally friendly and more sensible. Quality, health and environmental awareness are our top priorities. Our success is based on excellent, innovative technology and the optimisation of work processes. Your employees will thank you when allergic reactions caused by skin problems are reduced and misuse of cleaning agents is minimised.

We therefore invite you to join us and work together to create a world worth living in. We look forward to working with you.