TiTANO®/TiOMOULD® Surface Treatment

TiTANO®/TiOMOULD® – your solution for advanced surface protection!

Our TiTANO®/TiOMOULD® surface treatment is more than just a coating – it is a protective shield against microorganisms and harmful emissions that keeps your environment hygienically clean and healthy.

What makes our TiTANO®/TiOMOULD® surface treatment so unique?

Firstly, its effectiveness.

Our coating is permanently antimicrobial, virucidal, fungicidal (mould-killing) and levurocidal (yeast-killing). This means that bacteria, viruses, mould spores and yeasts on the treated surfaces are neutralised and killed within a very short time. Even organic emissions such as formaldehyde or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are bound and neutralised in the indoor air, resulting in a noticeable improvement in air quality.

Secondly, its versatility.

Our coating is odourless, invisible (thickness 10-40µ) and abrasion-resistant. It can be applied to almost all surfaces and materials, from cold stores to public transport. It remains transparent and is also effective on hard-to-reach areas such as air conditioning and ventilation systems.

How is our TiTANO®/TiOMOULD® surface treatment applied?

Our coating is applied to previously cleaned and dried surfaces using an electrostatic spraying process, which ensures even and effective coverage.

In which areas is our TiTANO®/TiOMOULD® surface treatment used?

From cold stores and hotel rooms to public facilities and air conditioning systems – wherever hygiene and air quality are of the utmost importance, our surface treatment is the ideal solution.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Certified and approved for various applications (list which these are when appropriate), including the aerospace sector.
  • Effective against a wide range of microorganisms according to ISO and real tests Long-term effect of up to 12 months, depending on the use and cleaning of the surface.
  • Significant improvement and assurance of hygiene standards.
  • Permanent neutralisation of bad odours and emissions, thus significantly improving indoor air quality.


Ready for a customised solution for your business? Contact us today to learn more about our TiTANO®/TiOMOULD® surface treatment and protect your environment!