Dosing technology

Dosing technology

Safety and precision with automatic dilution solutions

The automatic dosing systems offer the highest cleaning and hygiene standards and are safe, precise and easy to use.

The dosing systems automatically mix our bee*pure® detergent concentrates with water in a defined ratio, have backflow protection and can be easily adjusted to the dilution ratio without direct contact with the detergent concentrate.

They are safe and easy to use, suitable for high and low flow applications and can accommodate a wide range of detergents. They are ideal for use in a variety of environments such as plaster houses, commercial kitchens and vans.


  • Simple and intuitive to use with push and hold, ensuring effective results with minimal training required
  • Twist and lock option for high performance filling of buckets and floor cleaners
  • Choice of high or low flow rate to suit volume and precision requirements
  • Compliant with EN1717 water regulations
  • Optimum results and flexibility through multiple dilution ratios per detergent concentrate, with safe adjustment during operation
  • Easy assembly of multiple systems via interconnected water connections, saving time during installation
  • Floors are either kept clear with an optional bottle hanging system or you can choose a canister holder for wall mounting for the ultimate safety of detergent concentrates

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