HECOLITH® Natural Wood Protection

HECOLITH® Natural Wood Protection – your solution for protecting natural wood

Our HECOLITH® Natural Wood Protection is the perfect solution for the protection and care of natural wood, whether indoors or outdoors. Designed to preserve the natural beauty of your wood, our premium impregnation provides transparent protection that lasts for a long time.
What makes our HECOLITH® Natural Wood Protection so special?

Firstly, its versatility.

Our product is suitable for all types of natural wood, from garden furniture and decking to fences and tables. Whether in the garden or in the living room, our wood preservative ensures long-lasting beauty and protection.

Secondly, its ease of use.

Our HECOLITH® Natural Wood Protection can be applied effortlessly with a sprayer, low-pressure pump sprayer, brush or foam roller. Indoors, we recommend using a brush or foam roller to avoid spray mist and achieve a precise result.

Where can our HECOLITH® Natural Wood Protection be used?
Wherever natural wood needs to be protected and cared for! Whether in the garden, on the patio or in the living area, our wood preservative is the ideal choice for garden furniture, garden sheds, privacy screens, wooden figures and much more.

Your benefits at a glance:

– Our impregnation is solvent-free and environmentally friendly.
– A strong beading effect due to hydrophobicity protects the wood from moisture.
– The transparent formulation preserves the natural wood colour and makes the wood colourfast.
– Dirt-repellent properties keep your wood clean and well-maintained.
– UV protection prevents the wood from fading and greying, even in intense sunlight.

Trust HECOLITH® for long-lasting protection and beauty for your natural wood. Contact us today to find out more about our HECOLITH® Natural Wood Protection and care for your wood!