HECOLITH® Facade Protection

HECOLITH® Facade Protection – your solution for mineral facades

Our HECOLITH® Facade Protection is your invisible armour against the elements. Developed for exterior mineral façades, our ready-to-use impregnation offers comprehensive protection that goes far beyond the superficial.

What makes our HECOLITH® Facade Protection so special?

Firstly, its versatility.

Our product is suitable for all types of mineral façades – from render to natural stone walls and porphyry slabs. Whether it’s concrete, lime, dolomite or quartzite, HECOLITH® Facade Protection provides reliable protection for unpolished surfaces.

Secondly, its effectiveness.

Thanks to its hydrophobic, dirt-repellent and photocatalytic properties, our facade protection forms an invisible barrier against moisture, salt water and unwanted growth such as algae, lichen and moss.

Thirdly, its ease of application.

Our HECOLITH® Facade Protection can be easily applied directly to the surface to be protected using a sprayer or low-pressure pump sprayer.

What advantages does our HECOLITH® Facade Protection offer you?

– A strong beading effect ensures effective hydrophobicity, which repels water and dirt.
– The photocatalytic effect enables the surface to clean itself and improves the air quality.
– The ‘anti-fouling’ effect prevents dirt from adhering and preserves the aesthetics of your façade.
– The surface structure is strengthened, which increases the durability of your façade.
– Our façade protection offers protection against various aggressive soiling, from coffee to urine.
– Salt does not penetrate the surface, which is particularly important near the sea.

Trust HECOLITH® for long-lasting protection and a flawless appearance of your facade. Contact us today to find out more about our product and protect your facade!