Technology HECOLITH®

HECOLITH®: Your product for comprehensive surface protection!

HECOLITH® offers a range of high-quality products for the protection and maintenance of various surfaces. From mineral facades to wooden surfaces and graffiti-prone areas – we have the solutions you need to protect your surfaces and preserve their aesthetics in the long term.

HECOLITH® facade protection – invisible armour for mineral facades!
Our HECOLITH® facade protection is more than just an impregnation. It is your invisible barrier against the elements, protecting mineral facades from moisture, dirt and unwanted growth. With hydrophobic, dirt-repellent and photocatalytic properties, our facade protection provides reliable protection for non-polished surfaces.

  • Versatility: Suitable for all types of mineral façades, from render to natural stone.
  • Effectiveness: Forms an invisible barrier against moisture, salt water and unwanted growth.
  • Ease of use: Easy to apply with a sprayer or low-pressure pump sprayer.

HECOLITH® Graffiti – High quality protection and effective removal!
Our HECOLITH® Graffiti application provides high quality graffiti protection and powerful graffiti remover for smooth and porous surfaces. With hydrophobic and oleophobic properties, it is easy to clean and dirt-repellent while protecting against algae, lichen and moss.

  • Graffiti protection: hydrophobic and oleophobic properties for easy cleaning and dirt repellence.
  • Graffiti remover: Quickly dissolves paint and varnish for efficient graffiti removal.

HECOLITH® natural wood preservative – preserving the natural beauty of wood!
Our HECOLITH® wood preservative is the perfect solution for the protection and care of natural wood indoors and outdoors. With a solvent-free and environmentally friendly formulation, it provides strong protection against moisture, dirt and UV rays while preserving the natural colour of the wood.

  • Versatility: Suitable for all types of natural wood surfaces.
  • Ease of use: Easy to apply with a sprayer, brush or foam roller.
  • Protection and care: Transparent formulation preserves the natural wood colour and keeps the wood clean and well maintained.

Discover the world of HECOLITH® and protect your surfaces with our high-quality products for long-lasting beauty and performance!