HECOLTIH® Graffiti

HECOLITH® Graffiti – your solution for graffiti protection and effective removal of unwanted markings!

Our HECOLITH® Graffiti Application provides both high quality graffiti protection and a powerful graffiti remover to keep your surfaces clean and protected.

What is our HECOLITH® Graffiti Application?
Our graffiti protection is a premium impregnation that can be applied to smooth and porous surfaces such as facades, vehicles and traffic signs. Its hydrophobic and oleophobic (oil-repellent) properties make it easy to clean and dirt-repellent. It is UV and weather resistant and does not give the treated surfaces a silky lustre. Furthermore, our graffiti protection offers additional protection against algae, lichen and moss.
Our graffiti remover is a premium stripper that quickly dissolves paint and varnish and effectively removes unwanted markings. With its good biodegradability and low odour, it is particularly environmentally friendly and safe to use.

What characterises our HECOLITH® graffiti protection?

– Hydrophobic and oleophobic properties for easy cleaning and dirt repellence.
– UV and weather resistance for long-lasting protection.
– No silky lustre for a natural appearance of the treated surfaces.
– Protection against algae, lichen and moss for permanently clean surfaces.
– What characterises our HECOLITH® graffiti remover?
– Quickly dissolves paints and varnishes for efficient graffiti removal.
– Good biodegradability for environmental compatibility.
– Low odour for pleasant application.

Rely on HECOLITH® for reliable graffiti protection and effective removal. Contact us today to learn more about our graffiti application and protect your surfaces!